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What to Consider Before Buying Waterproof Patio Chair Covers

outdoor furniture cover
outdoor furniture cover

Even though it may seem simple to find a good waterproof patio chair covers, not all covers are created equal. Some people may already aware of the fact, but have no idea of how to find the best cover for their outdoor furnishing. You can find tons of cover models on the internet and compare their quality by reading some reviews. However, to get the most suitable one for you, there are some factors to think about first. These considerations can be used as a guide to make your buying decisions if you find the information valuable and worth to consider.

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Waterproof Patio Chair Covers

  1. Search for dimensions that fits your patio chairs

The first step towards looking for the right waterproof patio chair covers is to make sure the size and dimensions is sufficient to protect the whole part of furniture. Not taking enough time to measure the size and ended up with wrong cover dimensions that doesn’t event match with the furnishing is a common mistake made by a lot of people.

It is possible to order specific cover size from the manufacturers. Make a close estimation of the cover size that you want and ask the manufacturers if they can provide the item as you wish.

  • Make sure the material and design are breathable

When referring to waterproof patio chair covers by basic definition, it must be able to block water seeps and moisture. Basically, the cover should be able to serve as impenetrable barrier between the patio furnishing and the external moisture, whether it is during a hard rain storm or a hot and highly humid summer day.

However, despite having to block the moisture, the waterproof cover must still be able to allow air to circulate inside. This is to prevent humidity underneath the cover to form mold and mildew. Make sure that you use cover that has breathable material and design to prevent this issue.

  • Get a cover with soft cloth backing

During long colder season, it is common to constantly cover the outdoor furnishing because the owner doesn’t use it as often. Now, in order to avoid harsh rub or scratch during this long period, it is best to use waterproof patio chair covers that has soft inside part to not damage the chairs’ finishing. The cover may rub away the finish paints or coatings layer, resulting in a less than ideal look. Some recommended materials that durable, water-resistant, and wouldn’t harm your furnishing are canvas, vinyl, and polyester. You may have to constantly deal with the changes of seasons, weather, and climate. Using waterproof patio chair covers is a handy solution to protect your furniture outside. When not in use, you can just wrap them up and store them somewhere neatly. It is true that what comes first is the function and practicality. However, these days you can easily find stylish covers to match with your taste. Therefore, you can keep your outdoor space to be easy in the eyes even in the middle of snowy winter.


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