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Several New Technologies to Look for in Furniture Covers

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It is such a blessing to be able to fit a patio in the house’s outdoor space. To figure out the perfect furniture for this area is quite fun. Unfortunately, there is something that homeowners tend to forget to prepare when shopping for outdoor furniture: waterproof patio furniture covers. Cover for an outdoor furniture item is very important since it provides protection from the outside environment. When placing furniture outside, you are risking it to be exposed to harsh condition such as prolonged sunlight and heavy rainwater.

Current Technology in Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

Not all produced waterproof patio furniture covers would be great product for outdoor furniture. At times, even a high quality product might not be suitable for a certain furniture item for some reasons. Nonetheless, if possible, homeowner needs to look for the cover that possesses qualities which will support its function as furniture protector.

Here are some of the most current technologies in outdoor furniture cover that homeowner might be interested in. It would be great to have cover that is equipped with few if not most of these qualities.

  1. Water-resistant

Water is the common enemy for any furniture placed outside of the house. Even if a furniture piece is made of materials that can withstand water exposure such as rainwater, it should not get exposed too often. Metal frames will develop ruse after certain period and wood will get broken down upon getting showered by rainwater. It is also important to keep fabric material safe from water. Thus, waterproof patio furniture covers become very popular.

It is not enough to have cover that claims to be able to resist water. Most covers in the market are only designed to withstand light drizzles at best. When being exposed to large volume of water during heavy rain, these covers are unable to protect the furniture. Water will seep through its surface and onto the precious furniture piece. Because of this, looking for heavy duty waterproof patio furniture covers is important.

  • UV protection

Another important technology developed to make sure that furniture covers can be placed outdoor is ability to resist ultraviolet (UV) ray. When placed outdoor, the furniture will directly receive sunlight. The UV ray in sunlight is able to break down the furniture after a long period. The most visible impact from this exposure, though, is the changing color of furniture material. As an example, fabric with vivid color will look worn down after months placed under direct sunlight. It is because the UV ray breaks down the fabric color. There is a couple of fabric types to look into as well.

  • Ventilated

This technology is such a lifesaver for people who may need to cover furniture every so often. In places where the humidity is high and temperature is quite warm, when the furniture is covered, moisture would build up underneath the waterproof patio furniture covers. It is because there will be temperature difference between the inside of cover and its outside. Ventilation system on the cover helps preventing this from happening.

What would happen if the cover is not ventilated? First of all, damp furniture may omit not so pleasant outdoor which can take off a little bit of fun you have on the patio. It is also possible for mold to develop on the damp surface of furniture piece after some time. Mold and mildew are very hard to clean once they grow. They would ruin the aesthetics of furniture item and no homeowner wants that.

  • Snow proof

Maintaining patio furniture at top condition, while living in snowy area is considered challenging by most homeowner. It does not have to be like that as long as homeowner has waterproof patio furniture covers that can resist snow. The material should be strong enough because during a storm, accumulated snow on the furniture can weigh a lot. When the temperature rises, the snow will melt into water. If the cover material is not strong enough to handle such pressure, homeowner would be left by such mess.

  • Sealed seam

As stated before, not all waterproof patio furniture covers would be a great choice for you. Even if the material is waterproof, it does not make it impossible for water to seep through the cover structure. There is one channel for water to pass through the cover even if the cover material is high quality water resistant fabric: cover’s seam. Little by little, the amount of water that goes past the seam may accumulate underneath furniture cover. Because of that, cover with sealed seam is offered to prevent slip from this unexpected place.

  • Dust proof

In addition to being able resisting water, the cover must be capable of resisting dust. When being placed outside, the risk of accumulating debris is very high. It would be uncomfortable to use dusty furniture. Not to mention that it should not be good for your respiratory health, particularly for those who already have the predisposition. Since the dust particles are very small, cover material should have really tight stitches. That way, there is no channel for dust particles to enter through the cover.

  • Corded cover

Another new development in the waterproof patio furniture covers technology is corded cover. In the past as long as furniture cover can fit snugly against the furniture, it is good enough. However, in situation where it gets really windy and stormy, the cover will have really high risk to get detached from furniture it is protecting. The reason is because covers tend to be made of light and thin materials. Cover with cords is developed in order to prevent this from happening. By pulling on the cord, its fit against the furniture would be made tighter.

Looking for the most suitable cover for home’s patio furniture turns out to be such a difficult task. It turns out that there are several qualities to look for. First of all, you need to understand the climate of your home. For those who live in tropical climate, getting a heavy duty snow proof cover for furniture might not be necessary unless it is ventilated and equipped with tightening cord. Looking for waterproof patio furniture covers in the list within this website should be the best bet.



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