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Types of Furniture Covers to Choose

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Having a patio is good decision. You can have nice spot in your house where you can easily enjoy spending time outside your house. When you are bored, you only need to spend your time in patio and get relaxed. In order to make it comfortable place, of course some kinds of furniture are necessary. However, it is tricky to have furniture placed in patio. It is outdoor area, so the furniture may not be able to last long due to the factor of weather. In this condition, having outdoor patio furniture covers can be good way to save your furniture. With good covers, you will not need to worry about the chairs, tables, and other furniture. These will be protected well.

Choosing the Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

The furniture covers can be your good solution. Moreover, you can find many options of covers. Many stores provide many products to choose. What you need to do is to get the suitable covers. However, it may not become easy tasks. Many brands always say they are the best choice, so you cannot just easily believe in the ads.

In term of design options, it is good benefits to have the some selection of brands. Nevertheless, you need good quality for the cover since it is to protect your furniture. In this case, the most important is its durability instead of design. When you need a suggestion, check this article to get various outdoor patio furniture covers. In order to make it much easier, you can see these tips of how to get the good covers.

  1. Get the cover size

The first thing to do is to get the cover size. In choosing outdoor patio furniture covers, it should be suitable in term of size, so the covers can easily fit and protect your furniture. In this case, you need precise measure of size.

Before you look for the suitable size of covers for the furniture, it is better for you to measure your furniture. You should get the precise length, width, and height. After that, you can easily find the suitable covers.

  • Consider the type of cover

Having the precise size gives the good solution. By doing so, you can filter some options, so it will take less effort and time to get the outdoor patio furniture covers. What you should do next is to choose the suitable type of covers. This refers to the type of material used by furniture covers.

In this case, there are many product materials to find. These options are based on the kind of protection needed by furniture. For example, there is mesh cover that’s more suitable for the environment with the dry and warm weather. Then, when your area has all seasons, choosing the waterproof material is more suitable to provide the safeguard. You can pick the product based on the condition of weather, so the protection provided by the furniture covers is more optimal.

  • Pick the designs

The next job is to get the design. This can be quite interesting option to do and it will not be too complicated. You may not need specific tips to deal with this step. Mostly, the design is more about the personal preferences, so everyone can have different perspective and taste regarding the suitable choice.

In this case, the good news is the brand has various options to pick. You do not need to worry if you cannot have specific color or patterns. Many design selections are available, so it is very possible to get the desired outdoor patio furniture covers for the patio.

  • Get the custom-made covers

Some covers are already designed and set for certain type of furniture. They are for various chairs, tables, and other stuffs. However, it will be quite tricky when your furniture is different from the common designs. You may find difficulties to get the suitable covers, and it is of course quite confusing.

Fortunately, you are not the only ones to face the problems. That’s why the website provides sime options to have the customized cover. This is good solution in case you are not able to find the product which perfectly fits for your furniture. By doing the customize design, you will be able to specify the dimension, design, and other features for the furniture. Therefore, you will get the perfect protection from outdoor patio furniture covers. 

  • Consider the additional features

The covers do not only simply cover the furniture to protect it. There are also some features needed by the furniture. These should get proper attention if you want to get the satisfying results from the covers. For example, there is feature of air circulation. Commonly, this can be found in the waterproof outdoor patio furniture covers. Since there can be water coming from the rain, it is possible to get high level of moisture inside the covers. Of course, it is dangerous since the mold and mildew can damage the furniture. When there is good air circulation in the cover, the moisture can be controlled then the risks of these two problems can be minimized.

Moreover, you can choose other features. For example, you may choose how you are going to use the outdoor patio furniture covers. Just pick the option of using zipper, so it is easier to put on and remove the covers whenever it is necessary. Then, you may also find the way to snap it together. This is also possible option to use the cover. These two methods are available, and you should pick the most suitable one. Those are some points that you should consider in choosing the furniture cover. It may seem simple, but proper protection is necessary for the chairs and other stuffs in your patio. Sunlight and other weather issues can easily decrease its durability. Just choose the great selections of outdoor patio furniture covers, so you will not need to worry about the quality. Then, your job is only to pick the most suitable covers to use.


  1. With summer season in full swing, I am worried that my rattan furniture might deteriorate. With that, I am currently looking for outdoor covers that will serve as protection for my furniture displayed at the patio. I like that you suggested using mesh covers since you mentioned that it is suitable for a dry and warm environment. Hopefully, I can find this specific design from a good supplier.


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