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Choosing Good Outdoor Chair Covers for Your Home

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It is nice to be able to sit down comfortably outside while enjoying the weather. There are many options of chairs specifically designed for outdoor placement. The styles are varied as well and will definitely help improving the visual quality of a house. Outdoor seats tend to be quite pricey and despite being able to withstand outdoor environment, it should not get extremely prolonged exposure. Thus, you will need outdoor chair covers to protect the seats. How to choose a good cover? The following part should be able to help.

Tips to Look for Good Outdoor Chair Covers

Here are some important tips to look for good covers for outdoor seats.

  • Finding covers that fit snugly on the chairs

Each chair will have very different shape according to its design. No matter how, it is important for homeowner to find outdoor chair covers that will fit snugly on the furniture pieces. If it does not fit perfectly, there will be risk for it to get accidentally removed from wind or wild animals. The cover will not be able to provide maximum protection against water and other pollutants if it does not fit tightly against furniture’s surface.

  • Looking for high quality stitch

An important thing about looking for good cover is browsing through product with high quality stitch. The tighter the stitches are, it would be able to resist pollutants better. Water and dust articles will not be able to pass through tight stitches. It is also important to scrutinize any defect on the stitches. If there is any defect in them, the cover cannot protect furniture optimally. Shopping in reputable place is important to protect consumer against getting bad products.

  • Ease of application

It is quite necessary for homeowner to be able to apply and remove outdoor chair covers easily. Sometimes, the weather cannot be predicted and it rains without apparent signs. In this situation, homeowner should be able to place the cover on outdoor seat quickly. Some products are equipped with zipper and cords to make sure that application and removal can be done easily.

  • Breathable covers

Another quality that one should look for in outdoor chair covers is breathability. It means how well the air circulation underneath cover when it is being applied. Bad air circulation will create moisture underneath, which is how the chair’s surface becomes damp. This may lead to molds and mildews forming on the chair. To prevent that, some products have ventilated design.

  • Ability to resist UV rays

Ability to resist ultraviolet ray in the sun is also important for the cover. UV ray is notorious to deteriorate quality of color in anything when the item becomes exposed to it for long. Thus, to maintain outdoor seats at its optimum aesthetical condition, having the cover that can protect chair from UV ray is crucial. Hopefully five tips mentioned above are able to help you finding good outdoor chair covers. When shopping for them, make sure to go to reputable sellers. There will be more product options to choose from. In addition, the quality of products should have received testimonies from many customers.


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