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What is the Best Fabric Material Types ?

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There is good news if you are currently planning to elevate the looks of your patio sofa or couch cushion: no matter what materials your couch is made of, it is totally possible. From wooden, wicker to wrought iron, you can revitalize them stylishly. The solution is not costly or difficult to be done either. You just need to change the outdoor furniture cushion covers. There are plenty of material options available when choosing the right cushion covers for you to use. Below is the handpicked list of five best materials that not only provide easiness to the eyes, but also beneficial features such as weatherproof quality and long durability.

The Recommended Outdoor Furniture Cushion Covers Materials

  1. Cotton canvas

Cotton canvas is a versatile, tightly woven fabric that quite popular to use amongst painters to bag designers. It is mostly made from cotton, but sometimes mixed with linen. The benefits that make cotton canvas stands out are the sturdiness and durability. It can even be manufactured to be water resistant or waterproof by mixing it with synthetic fibers, that’s why it is very ideal to use as outdoor furniture cushion covers. The strength and durability of this fabric has been proven as it is also used for construction purposes to military needs.

  • Textilene

You may already familiar with textilene fabric, as it is commonly used for sling seatings or sun canopies. It is also easy to be found in curtain or blinds fabrics. This material provides the looks of rattan-woven texture for your outdoor furniture cushion covers. Textilene is made from PVC coated polyester yarns, resulting in awesome blend between beauty and strength. Some good qualities of textilene is the high durability, flame resistance, breathability, mold resistance, and low-maintenance. 

  • Polypropylene

There are several names to refer to this material, such as moplen, polypro, olefin fiber, PP, etc. Polypropylene is actually an umbrella term for any textile products that extracted from thermoplastic polymer polypropylene. Besides being used as outdoor furniture cushion covers material, it also could be found easily on sportswear, backpacks, military wear, and even diapers.

Polypropylene has moisture transfer abilities. Instead of absorbing moisture, it allows the moistures to pass through the fabric thoroughly – which makes the material is perfect to use on outside space where the moisture is less controllable than inside.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is the fabric that has tons of good qualities such as durable, waterproof, weatherproof, fade and UV resistant, easy to clean, and has great stretch and strength. It also versatile enough so there are wide ranges of types, colors, and texture for each use – all with the similar great features to support.

However, there are some downsides to watch when you choose this fabric. As vinyl is very much plastic-like, it doesn’t breathe really well. On hot summer days when the sun shines for long, it may be hot and sticky to sit on.

  • Polyester

The last but not least recommendation of outdoor furniture cushion covers fabric materials, is the polyester. The term is a short from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and can be used to refer to any textile or fabric that uses polyester fibers or yarns. Some benefits from using polyester is that it has high resistant and durability against various circumstances. It holds well against abrasion and wrinkling too as it can retain shape really well. Choosing the suitable fabric to use on your outdoor furniture cushion covers is important, whether it is the first time to apply or a replacement time. It is not enough for the covers to be visually pleasing and feel good, but also to be fully functional and long lasting. The most important consideration is perhaps the waterproof or water-resistant quality as the furnishing is going to be placed outside.


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